Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Badge of Honor for Michelle

Sheesh! These people really do need to grow up. While females such as I are considered an anathema to establishment feminists, Michelle gets a double-whammy for being a traitor to her gender and her race. Obviously, she's doing something right. Keep up the excellent work, Michelle! :)

As for me, I will be doing something this evening that would make Gloria Steinem and her sisters recoil in horror -- enjoying a professional football game! Let's see: I am pro-life, pro-Military, pro-capitalism, pro-traditional institutions like Church and marriage....yep, pretty much the anithesis of the Helen Reddy crowd, thank God! And a special thanks to Mom, whose genuine love for goalposts and pigskin was as much of an influence on the development of my football intelligence as Mark and Paul (though they get lots of credit for tutoring me at a very young age in the intracacies of the game). Guess Mom's not really a woman, either! Who knew?


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