Thursday, September 4, 2008

And She RINO Hunts, Too!

Just read this immensely satisfying post over at Michelle Malkin's site. The RINOs are crying in their beer - er, Merlot. Somewhere, Pat Toomey is smiling (possibly in St. Paul; not sure where he is at the moment). If you'll recall, during the 2004 Senate race in Pennsylvania, conservative Toomey nearly defeated opponent Arlen Specter, in spite of the (sigh!) support of President Bush and a reluctant Senator Rick Santorum (who dutifully played along for the "good" of the party). Like I said, immensely satisfying:

McCain's selection of the anti-abortion, socially conservative Alaska governor, after he considered naming an abortion-rights backer such as former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge or independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, leaves pro-choice Republicans at odds with both the presidential ticket and the party's platform.

``There was shock'' over Palin's selection, said Jennifer Stockman, co-chairwoman of Republican Majority for Choice. ``We were looking for someone who would be transformative and take control of the party away from the social conservatives.''

Addressing the pro-choice group, Specter slammed anti-tax crusaders who tried to unseat him four years ago, and criticized a Republican platform that would ban abortions in all circumstances, including rape, incest, or pregnancies that threaten a mother's life.

To quote Michelle: "Boo freakin' hoo!"

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