Sunday, September 7, 2008

Add Liz Trotta to the Clueless List

She may not be a liberal, but Liz Trotta is certainly wrong on the media issue. I just heard her claim on FOX News that the McCain campaign didn't properly vet Governor Sarah Palin, thus leading to the influx of reporters into Alaska to apparently do the job a seasoned politician and Senator of the United States failed to do.

Hey Liz, what about the smears? What about US Weekly? What say you about the Daily Kos cesspool that instigated false charges regarding baby Trig's maternity? How about the fact that our so-called mainstream media ran with this disgusting lie before properly sourcing and confirming the story? Any condemnation for that shoddy vetting?

Are you so entrenched in Beltway-ism that you've lost all regard for the truth? How exactly do you know that Palin wasn't vetted?

Wow! Color me disillusioned with yet another conservative voice. Between Krauthammer, Frum, Noonan, Sullivan and Trotta, it's obvious that even those on the right side of the aisle are capable of putting their opinions ahead of the facts, proving that elitism isn't merely a malady of the Left. I am especially disappointed in Trotta and Noonan, both of whom I previously held in high esteem as female conservative role-models and intrepid journalists. I expected a hell of a lot more from them.

I also expected more from FOX News' Eric Shawn, normally an excellent fact-finder (particularly regarding the U.N.), who didn't even challenge Liz Trotta on the issue. What a disappointment!

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