Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ace versus Allah (and some NR writers)

While his language is sometimes akin to - ahem! - that of the proverbial drunken sailor, Russ over at Ace of Spades makes some valid points concerning the pessimism that has infiltrated otherwise intrepid voices on the right side of the blogosphere when it comes to our favorite barracuda and VP nominee.

While I could do without the overused f-bombs, I agree with Russ' opinions: It seems the thrills running up my leg ever since Friday's announcement were barely beginning to dissipate when I came across several blog posts in the 'sphere that were rife with outrageously trollish tendencies yet inexplicably penned by so-called conservatives.

While I expect such nonsense occasionally from National Review (they are headquarted in Manhattan and thus, a few of their writers occasionally resonate with east-coast elitism), Allah has been by far the most annoying existentialist in this Palin-VP debate. And I say that as someone who admires his sharp wit, clever headlines and thorough analysis (though his KP love, thankfully dialed-down of late, was getting rather irritating:).

True, he prides himself on his pessimism, but for a blog that's been weighing Palin's merits and odds in the VP sweepstakes for several months now, you'd think the guy would at least give it a rest until after the convention. I guess a fired up base, 7+ million in campaign donations (raised in the hours following the historic announcement) and a real shot at winning in a year when Democrats were supposed to rip Republicans a new one just isn't enough for the grumpy HA writer.

And judging from some of the comments, much of the readership is losing patience with the fabled Allahpundit as well. Challenge for Allah: Can you at least try cautiously optimistic?

In one of his expletive-free paragraphs, Russ opines:

I look at Sarah Palin and see a woman who agrees with me on several important issues. She's pro-2nd Amendment, pro-life, pro-drilling and pro-family values. That's family VALUES, not family PERFECTION. I don't expect my candidate to be lilly white with no marks on her record. If I were that stupid, I'd have voted for Huckabee in the caucus instead of Fred!

As far as all the issues she hasn't addressed yet, like allowing Iran to get nukes, prosecution of the GWoT, immigration, national fiscal policy, and "states rights" & 10th Amendment issues regarding Federalism, I'm going to assume that she's with me until she proves otherwise by her own statements. No longer will I believe ANY so-called "facts" presented to me by the media. They've lied to me so much that I've started to refer to myself as "Elizabeth Edwards" in private moments. If it's not "Bush was AWOL from the National Guard", it's some crap about "McCain is sleeping with a lobbyist" or "Fred Thompson insulted firemen in Northeast Iowa" or "Republicans in Wisconsin booed when President Bush wished President Clinton a speedy recovery from heart surgery". Or "Trig Palin isn't Sarah's son after all; he's her grandson". That's right up there with Trutherism, which is a category of it's own in the Bullshit Hall of Fame, IMFO.

I think that says it all.

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