Thursday, July 30, 2009

Water Signs Sequel -- To Shining Sea

Having been preoccupied with juggling different client projects, co-hosting BTR programs, spending an inordinate amount of time promoting my existing book, blogging and fitting in some sort of life in-between, I didn't think it possible to conceive of an intriguing sequel for Water Signs anytime soon. But thanks to a good writer-friend Don Smith, and a late-night, brainstorming IM session, I am happy to report I now have a title, plot and synopsis.

It's hard to believe it didn't come to me sooner, since I am one who definitely enjoys basing fiction on real-life events. My involvement in local, state and national politics as an activist has created an irresistible desire to employ Ken and Maddy as vehicles for making a statement about ethics, morality, cronyism, treachery and egoism -- just to name a few things that currently ail our great republic.

My intrepid characters will also face some serious moral dilemmas that will test their long-awaited marriage, as well as encounter in a very personal way the evils of socialized medicine (hint: they will take a business trip to another country). Along with the government-imposed political correctness that will tank a very lucrative telecomm deal (remember Congress' obstruction of the FISA Bill?), this will prompt Ken to run for office as a Florida State Senator.

And that's where I plan to have a little fun!

Look for characters based on some familiar public figures, and a recounting of the current battle raging between the establishment and grass-roots patriots.

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