Monday, July 13, 2009

Sarah's Decision

Much has been written on this blog and elsewhere about Governor Palin's resignation. I have been away on vacation and have not yet had the opportunity to weigh in. The bottom line is that most liberals will criticise the decision and most Conservatives will applaud it.

As for her reasons, I believe a fair assessment is that the many false charges filed against her have hampered her effectiveness and wasted the money of the tax payers of Alaska. All have been dismissed. These vicious, purely political attacks have cost her a great deal of money to defend, and quite frankly the Governor needs to write her book now to pay off this debt. She will also be more effective as a Conservative leader freed from the burdens of her office.

Finally, as one who truly puts family first I believe that she is doing this for the benefit of her children. The attacks on her family have been unprecedented. Surely the Governor knows that by taking this action these attacks will not stop. She is absolutely feared by liberals because she is a huge threat to them. However, Sarah Palin also knows that now is freed to defend herself and her family and I have no doubt that she will do so.

There is no doubt that this move was an unorthodox one, however it is too early to say whether it was the right move or not. I tend to think that on balance it was a smart move. The only thing that would change my opinion is that if the decision was made so that the Governor could start a third party. If she runs as a third party candidate, she will lose and this decision will be for naught. That aside, it was certainly a bold decision and Lord knows that now more than ever America needs decisive leadership. Good luck Governor and keep fighting the good fight.

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