Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The President Who Would Be King

In the short span of six months we have an imperial Presidency in full bloom. Candidate Obama who promised transparency is now heading the least transparent and most authoritarian administration in US history.

Candidate Obama who promised that any proposed legislation would be posted on the Internet at least five days before a vote, has pushed bills through Congress that members didn't even read let alone the public. He unilaterally seized a large portion of the American automobile industry, and basically cheated bondholders at the expense of union members so he could repay a political debt. This amounted to a clear violation of American legal precedent, namely the sanctity of a contract. Much like a King the President's attitude was, contracts be damned. This is quite simply lawlessness.

He issues Executive Orders with abandon by-passing the legislative process, and appoints unelected "Czars" with impunity. His Administration sits idly by during the repressive crackdown in Iraq, yet pushes for OAS membership for dictatorial regimes such as Cuba and Nicaragua. Meanwhile he is not the least concerned about "meddling" when it comes to democratic allies like Israel.

A few short months ago nobody would have thought that such an agenda could occur in America. We best wake up and smell the coffee and fast. Before we know it the President and his pals in Congress just may strike down that pesky Twenty Second Amendment, you know the one limiting presidents to two terms. After all given all the fawning by an adoring dinosaur media, I'm sure Mr. Obama must think to himself why limit myself to being President when I can be King.

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