Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Victory in Iraq

One of the most impressive military campaigns of all time has come to a successful conclusion, with the withdrawal of American troops from providing primary security to Iraqi cities. This security detail will now be handled by the Iraqis themselves with US troops moving to bases in outlying areas ready to provide assistance when called upon.

This great victory belongs to the courageous people of the US military and to President George W. Bush, who stayed the course despite constant and vile media attacks and misinformation. What a tribute to the character of this man whose strong leadership led to the creation of a democracy in the heart of the most volatile and dangerous region in the world.

President Bush faced fierce opposition to the Iraq War, yet he stood firm. He proved to the world that he was a statesman and not just another politician. Unlike his critics who predicted that the war was lost. Remember those folks. If not, let me remind you. Among their leaders were Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and then Senator Barrack Obama.

Funny now isn't it that these same naysayers who opposed the Iraq War, are now in complete control of government and they have claimed victory. This is astounding and the height of hypocrisy. Have you no shame Mr. President? Can you not find it within yourself to credit President Bush for anything? The campaign is over Sir, hasn't anyone told you? What we need is leadership and not left wing politicking. It's time you studied the last eight years and learn what true leadership is all about.

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Anthony W. Hager said...

The campaign is never over within the Democratic Party. Their campaign to destroy liberty and prosperity never ceases. Their campaign to instill more dependence and entrench their power is insatiable.

Whatever one may think of the Iraq War, propaganda disguised as a political campaign will never cease for Barack Obama, just as it never ceased for Bill Clinton. They will take credit for accomplish in which they had no part, such as Iraq. And they will blame others for problems they were instrumental in creating, such as the mortgage problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Conservatives must recognize this perpetual campaign as our adversary's preferred tactic and fight accordingly.

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