Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Encounter with the Unhinged: Patriots vs. MoveOn, ACORN, Obama-bots Outside of Senator Nelson's Office

“We are proud communists!”

So screeched a rather large, militant gentleman (yes, I use the term loosely) when confronted with a gathering of patriots outside of Senator Bill Nelson’s office in Davie, FL today. Sadly, he was not alone in his sentiment; the, ACORN and Barack Obama’s “Organizing for Healthcare” protestors were angrily out-of-the-Karl-Marx closet and more than willing to shout it to the world.

Steeped in leftist ideology, their ranks included an unhinged young school teacher who claimed she’s lived in Italy, France and Canada, and can thus attest to the superiority of their systems; the aforementioned stout man who also announced that he’d actually contemplated committing suicide to make his point about the urgency of the situation (no, really!); and a smug, self-important college professor who looked like he was straight out of Woodstock with his grey ponytail and Baby Boomer (my apologies to patriotic Boomers everywhere!) arrogance. Upon arriving on the scene, he immediately got in our faces and began yelling about “evil Republicans.”

Not sure where this guy gets his news, but he actually had the audacity to suggest that our side (among whose ranks were my dear friends Elaine Laffey and Jessica Johnson-Dornblaser) was filled with paid volunteers! Uh, no. That would be ACORN and, pal. Does the name George Soros ring a bell?

When Elaine and I attempted to reason with the suicide proponent, he was actually thrilled about the Draconian provision in the bill that would require senior citizens to go for “counseling” every five years to learn how to die. I mean this man resonated with absolute jubilation over the prospect of coercing people to choose death over life!

As for the practically hyperventilating school teacher, when I rightfully pointed out the need for tort reform, and the complicity of the trial lawyers and their unholy alliance with the Democrat Party – a union that is one of the biggest contributors to high insurance costs (along with skyrocketing malpractice rates) -- she condescendingly retorted that such realities are a “minor” part of the problem. Isn’t it comforting to know she’s brainwashing the next generation?!

It is quite eye-opening to realize we share this country with so many misinformed, delusional people whose motto could be "My mind is made up; please don't confuse me with the facts." I remember that slogan from tee-shirts on some of the New Jersey boardwalks, and it is an appropriate fit for the people we met today. Elaine encountered this in action when she politely laid out some hard truths about the bill to a woman who at first pretended to be interested in real debate. However, right in the middle of Elaine’s run-down, she turned on her heel and strode away. My mind is made up; please don’t confuse me with the facts.

And let’s talk about reverse racism for a moment, shall we? My friend Jessica got into a debate with a young black woman who made the blanket assumption that because Jess happens to be white, she is a child of privilege. I believe her accusations were something along the lines of “Sure you like the free market; you can afford any plan you want!” Jessica calmly stuck to the facts and queried as to how much this woman knew about the proposed legislation. For example, was she aware that the public option really isn’t an “option” at all, because if for any reason you decided to change your private insurance, you’d be forced into the government plan?” Of course, this woman knew nothing about that, but hey, if it comes from Obama it must be good, right?

Typically, none of them knew what was in the bill when pressed by any member of the patriot resistance. And not surprisingly, not one of them carried an American flag. They did however, break out into enthusiastic chants of "Obama" !

We of course, countered with "USA"! I had to keep reminding myself that "we surround them", to quote Glenn Beck. I have to admit though, when you come face to face with such willful, belligerent ignorance, it is rather disturbing. Hearing them chant his name over and over and confronting the stark realities of the consequences of the 60's decade was like being in a really bad science fiction film.

Unfortunately these people exist, as do teachers such as the young woman I described. I shudder to think of her in action in the classroom, eagerly and systematically brainwashing the next generation. If ever there was a living, breathing argument in favor of home-schooling, she’s it. She’s also a testament to the dire need to get government out of the business of education, though that’s a post for another day. Were I fortunate enough to have children, I’d definitely take the home-schooling route if unable to send them to a Catholic or private school.

One thing I must report: unlike Congressman Wexler’s office, Nelson’s Davie location is in a strip-mall, and much more accessible to the public. And perhaps because they knew his supporters would also be there, Nelson’s staff was at least polite, allowing us to fill out forms in which we expressed our opposition to Obamacare. I was very deliberate about listing all of the free-market solutions on mine, from the ability to purchase insurance across state lines to the need for tax credits for small business owners. Unlike their lemmings, Nelson, Obama and the Democrats would do well to realize that they are dealing with informed, intelligent and independent people when engaging the opposition. If he dares reply to me with a condescending letter insulting my intelligence, he will definitely hear from me again. No one argues that there is a need for reform; but the free market is the solution, not another government takeover. Didn’t Fannie and Freddie prove that once and for all?

Finally, thank God for all of the wonderful Tea Party Patriots, 9/12 activists and other concerned citizens we rallied with today, one of whom was a gentleman from Cuba who passionately and relentlessly argued with just about every one of them. Though some felt it was futile and possibly even hurtful to our cause, I admire his guts and determination. If only more Americans possessed the same spirit and love of freedom!

Stay in the fight, people! Keep talking, keep protesting, keep calling Congress and keep working to get the USA back to Constitutional principles. This is it! And we can do it!

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Mary said...

You go Daria!
We found the members at Nelson/Martinez's office in Fort Myers to be arrogant, ignorant, physically violent and vulgar. Their "leader" was a paid representative out of D.C.
I don't think they have a chance against true Patriots in the long run. Personally, I will lay down my life for the future of my children and grandchildren. I don't think moveon could pay enough for that!