Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rally for Free Market Healthcare - Boca Raton, Florida

Between 40-50 patriots gathered on the sidewalk in front of Town Center Mall this afternoon to protest Obamacare, stand up for the greatest healthcare system in the world and promote free market reform for health insurance.

In spite of the rain, we were enthusiastic, vocal and persistent in our efforts to keep spreading the word. I am happy to report that we received many approving honks from passing cars (interspersed of course, with an occasional, uninformed Obama-bot shouting Dear Leader's name and/or flipping us the bird), as well as the interest of like-minded mall shoppers driving through the parking lot.

Additionally, since no media bothered to come out and cover the event, Patrick Laffey and I decided to become the media. Look for video coverage of the event later...just waiting for the edits and will post it here on Palin Drone, Facebook, YouTube, EyeBlast TV and other places on the internet.

We will prevail!

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