Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sarah Palin's Farewell Address

Another awesome speech. I especially love her warnings to the media about messing with our soldiers and the children of her successor Sean Parnell; her condemnation of nanny-state largess and ever-expanding central government; and her clear rundown of all of her accomplishments. On that last point, it is my fervent hope that those on the right who've bought into the media hit job will at least acknowledge that this woman is a proven leader with a solid record of achievement. You don't have to like her personally, or believe she's presidential material, but to deny her stellar record as governor is both disingenuous and wrong.

Godspeed Sarah...looking forward to your unhindered leadership of the grass-roots conservative movement, now that you are free from petty, ankle-biting Alaska politics and despicable media/DNC operatives. You are a role-model for Americans everywhere!

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