Sunday, July 5, 2009

More Thoughts on Sarah

Thank you to my talented friend and journalist Joan Swirsky for sending these along to me!

Jude over at Hugh Hewitt uses the marathon metaphor, alluding to a statement Governor Palin made in her Runner's World interview;

Tom Suhadolnik offers a sobering look into the Cloward-Piven strategy so effectively wielded against Sarah Palin and her family over at American Thinker;

Merv at Prairie Pundit outlines the Palin Strategy and its possible outcomes;

the incomparable Victor Davis Hansen weighs in at National Review;

Director Blue has a warning for deranged lefties;

and of course, The Great One states with conviction that Palin is running for president in 2012, so "get used to it."

I am still mulling it over, but am feeling much better about Friday's announcement; unlike some righty bloggers and pundits, I never once regarded Sarah as a quitter. On the contrary, I've been blown away by her incredible resiliency and strength over the past eight months, during which she and her children were savaged in a manner that would make Satan proud. And I think the arguments put forth by everyone I've linked to here make a lot of sense.

Private citizen Sarah Palin can say and do things (e.g. take on her enemies full-throttle, energize the conservative movement that is currently gaining momentum) that Governor Sarah Palin cannot, at least not without more trips to the woodshed. Many bloggers on the right who excoriate her for her decision seem to forget that Palin is also a human being, one who has been put through a political crucifixion the likes of which I have never before witnessed.

Yes, it was bad with W. Yes it was bad with Reagan. But with Sarah Palin, the radical left has set a new standard of depravity -- one that will never abate as long as she's in office. As a fellow human being and woman, I applaud her decision. As the Anchoress notes, Sarah Palin has declared her own Independence Day. I can't wait to see what she does next.

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