Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Tale of Two Tea Parties

I celebrated Independence Day fighting for independence from the Marxist regime currently occupying the White House. My day began in Fort Lauderdale at 10 a.m., where I joined with 2,200 fellow patriots along Broward Blvd. Colonel Allen West, Ed Lynch (conservative candidates for Congress in FL Districts 22 and 19, respectively), Talk Radio Host Joyce Kaufman and Southeast Broward Republican Club President Eddie Napolitano all electrified the crowd.

In spite of the oppressive summer humidity, the crowd was energized, determined and -- hello D.C.! -- incredibly angered by the hostile takeover of capitalism and freedom as of January 20, 2009. Cars drove by honking in solidarity, and we even got coverage in the Sun-Sentinel, though they can't seem to get beyond describing these events as "Republican-led." Old habits die hard, I suppose.

Later, I headed up to West Palm Beach where the Tea Party had been integrated into the annual 4th on Flagler celebration. Although this was a much smaller crowd than Fort Lauderdale's (300?), it was just as vocal and energetic. There were many folks there from the 9/12 Project, and Ed Lynch and Joyce Kaufman gave an encore performance to a highly receptive audience.

After the rally by the fountains, we all walked in a procession along Flager amid the typical Independence Day festivities. More than one ignorant teenager shot us dirty looks as we went by, and I recall one asking another, "What do you think they'll do if we start chanting 'Obama'?"
Gee honey, I don't know...perhaps try to educate you about why he's so destructive to your future and our country? Because obviously the public education system hasn't!

Alas, ignorance is not just for the young. As we proceeded back to where we'd started, a gentleman who appeared to be about 60-ish snidely called out, "You're politicizing the 4th of July!" Umm, excuse me but the 4th of July is about politics, sir. Specificly the oppressive policies of a power-hungry monarchy to whom the people boldly declared, "enough!" Are you gettin' the idea that history's kinda repeating itself?

Although I didn't actually take the opportunity to rebut this guy, two others in our group did, though I was unable to catch up with them later for a full report. I think I can safely assume that the Kool-Aid was a fatal dosage.

On the flip side, we also received lots of approving nods, smiles and cheers, so all is definitely not lost. Keep talking, keep fighting and keep the faith....we the people will prevail!
UPDATE: The Palm Beach Post reports a crowd of 500.

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