Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Liberal Fear of Governor Palin

It's simply amazing that a VP candidate who ran on a losing ticket could be the center of attention, eight months after her party's defeat. This is unprecedented. Such losing VP candidates have never been in the national spotlight again, such as Lloyd Bentsen, and Dan Quayle. Others only became newsworthy again when they themselves decided to run for President. Among this group are Bob Dole, Walter Mondale, and Joe Lieberman.

Which us brings us to the question of why the constant and vicious attacks on Governor Palin and even more insidious the attacks on her family. After much thought, I can come to only conclusion. Liberals may loathe her, but primarily they FEAR Sarah Palin. Why do they fear her? Because they realize that she is a conservative candidate to be reckoned with and they want to discredit her now so that any future candidacy is stillborn. Enter the Alinsky playbook once again, and the campaign to smear all potential opposition. The same attacks were leveled against Ronald Reagan in the 1970s. Who can forget the name calling - Ronnie Raygun, The Amiable Dunce, and "B" Actor.

Governor Palin stands for everything liberals detest. She is a female who achieved success on her own not by riding on her husband's coattails ala Hillary Clinton. She truly believes in small government, market economies, and individual freedom and responsibility, and more importantly governs her state accordingly. In essence she walks the walk and not simply talks the talk like other Republican elected officials. This frightens liberals and Democrats to no end since they are used to Republican cowardice and capitulation. They also can't understand this Second Amendment thing. The Constitution be damned is the liberal creed nowadays.

Most of all the Governor is pro life, and has a wonderful marriage and family life. She committed the ultimate sin in liberal eyes by actually giving birth to a Downs Syndrome baby instead of aborting the child as any good Manhattan or Beltway feminist would. Further, her movie star quality looks inherently leads to jealousy among a good portion of women of all political stripes.

The RNC should take note as our liberal friends are speaking loud and clear. If they can't take Sarah out before 2012 they know they are in trouble. If this smear campaign fails and Governor Palin emerges as a Presidential candidate, they will go to Plan B which is to enter into open Republican primaries and vote for the most liberal Republican in a repeat of 2008. Are you paying attention Chairman Steele? It's time to close all primaries now to avoid a repeat of this sabotage.

Make no mistake about it, this smear campaign is calculated and the trail leads straight to the White House. Liberals know a threat when they see one. The question now is whether Republican officials are astute enough to read the tea leaves. At this point, I certainly have my doubts.

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