Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DeMint on Lauer

Sure is nice to know that there are some principled people working in the United States Senate, Jim DeMint being one the most notable. Speaking out against Obamacare, the Senator from South Carolina stubbornly sticks to the facts, despite Lauer's best attempts to frame DeMint's "Waterloo" comments into some sort of personal vendetta.

As we all know, nationalizing the healthcare industry is a major priority in The Mistaken Won's agenda, alongside the equally disastrous Cap and Trade. Both are free market killers; however Obamacare has the added horror of actually having the power to literally kill through rationing and other Draconian measures.

Once again, DeMint calls out Obama for voting against every measure proposed by Republicans to make health insurance more affordable, which after all, is what this entire debate boils down to. Access to affordable insurance, made possible through things like the ability to purchase across state lines, would bring down costs, as would desperately needed tort reform.

But Obama is not about real, free market solutions -- he's about destroying capitalism and turning this once great nation into some sort of European socialized democracy. If only more senators would emulate DeMint's example of clear articulation of the issue and fearlessness in vocally opposing this President's march to an even more oppressive and overreaching nanny-state government!

At least South Carolina got it right with one of their senators!

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