Friday, July 3, 2009

Lefties Finally Get Their Way

In a tainted political climate that bears more resemblance to reality TV than it does to the vision of America put forth by our Founding Fathers, it's no wonder that so many good people reject the idea of running for office. It's a double-edged sword: the USA desperately needs honorable, dedicated citizens to answer the call to public service and execute their duties with, as Governor Palin often quotes, "a servant's heart," yet to do so comes at tremendous personal and professional peril. And after what the Palin family has endured over the past year, why on earth would anyone who fervently believes in God, country and Constitution ever want to subject themselves to such vile, undeserved treatment?

Yes, I was just as shocked (and saddened) as the rest of the country when Governor Sarah Palin announced her resignation today. Long before she emerged onto the national scene as the VP nominee, I knew about Sarah Palin. I watched her discuss energy issues thoroughly and intelligently with people like Larry Kudlow and Glenn Beck.

I was struck by her obvious knowledge on this critical issue. Given the facts that 1.) America is funding its own destruction by buying oil from Third World Countries that hate us; and 2.) this country also has an abundance of natural resources, along with the sophisticated technology to tap into them in the most environmentally sound way possible, it seemed a no-brainer that a proven leader and naturally charismatic person like Palin would take her rightful place in some kind of national office, where she could do the most good.

And when John McCain made what was probably the only smart decision amid a sea of incredibly bad ones during the 2008 campaign, I expected a tough fight. I knew it would most likely get ugly, given the horrific treatment of George W. Bush by the left over the preceding eight years. But I have to hand it to the Daily Kos/HuffPo/Wonkette/MSNBC/NYT crowd: when it comes to Governor Palin and her family, they've attained a new and unprecedented nadir of viciousness.

Immediately following the announcement of Palin as VP nominee, the slobbering, highly threatened Obamamedia engaged in full frontal assault, descending on Wasilla like vultures in a frenzied attempt to dig up and hurl as much mud as they possibly could at Palin and her family. Sandwiched in-between that first defaming US Magazine issue (hot off the presses, just in time for the RNC), and the recent hit-job by Vanity Fair were ad nauseam smears:

Speculation that Trig Palin, her youngest son was actually her daugher Bristol's child (a medical impossibility)

Excoration of the Governor for choosing to give birth to her handicapped baby

Lies about Troopergate

Lies about banning books

Lies about the Bridge to Nowhere

References to Palin and her family as "white trash"

Accusations of racism for wearing a white jacket at a campaign rally

Distortions of things she'd said in interviews (e.g. Tina Fey, "I can see Russia from my house")

Hostile, unfair interviews at the hands of Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric

Backstabbing from McCain insiders including unsubstantiated charges of having "post partum depression"

References to being a "slutty flight attendant"

Verbal sexual assaults on her 14 year-old daughter by a perverted 60+ year-old comedian

Refusal to acknowledge or publicize any of her accomplishments like the natural gas pipeline and the fact that Alaska under her leadership, is one of the country's most fiscally solvent states

15 bogus ethics charges resulting in $500,000 of legal fees

Recent, despicable photoshops of her Down syndrome baby

And the list goes on and on. Regrettably, many on the right including Kathleen Parker, Peggy Noonan, Heather MacDonald and Debbie Schlussel were quick to pile on. If not engaging in below-the-belt attacks, other conservatives bemoaned her lack of qualifications and/or gravitas. Of these, Charles Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg, Byron York and Rich Lowry are the most notable.

Nothing really new here: whether the assault comes from the right or left, it's ultimately a case of the elites vs. the everyday man and woman. Sarah Palin doesn't speak with an affected East Coast accent. She didn't attend an Ivy League College, nor does she hail from an acclaimed political pedigree. She's just an ordinary (though quite beautiful), hard-working American with a passion for her country, a relentless work ethic and a genuine desire to serve. There was a time in our history when these qualities were revered and celebrated. Sadly, those days appear to be over, as style has defeated substance, and celebrity has superceded accomplishment in the perilous Age of Obama.

As someone who looks upon Palin as a role-model and a woman of remarkable character, I have nothing but admiration for the way she's carried herself through this entire spectacle. Reflecting upon the last eight months, it's an amazing testament to her strength and character that she came this far. While I am disappointed she will no longer serve as Alaska's governor, I fully respect and understand her decision. When 80% of her time is spent defending herself against false accusations (and racking up exorbitant legal bills in the process), it's not humanly possible to devote herself to her actual job -- serving the people of her state. And Sarah Palin is that rare breed of politician who actually takes her responsibilities seriously; it's a tragedy for our nation that there aren't many more like her in the halls of Congress.

Savor your victory lefties. But just know that when it comes to true grit, integrity and quality, none of you are fit to tie Sarah Palin's running shoes. May all the vitriol you've directed at her and her family return to you tenfold.

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Hamster said...

I am just as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!
Our socialist government is spending money like there was no end
It’s time to bring and end to the word “public”
An end to public health care
An end to public education
An end to public parks
An end to public roads
An end to public libraries
An end to public police
An end to public firefighters
An end to public military
An end to public politicians

It’s time to get rid of every socialistic institution in this country and hand it back to the private sector.

The private sector and market principles can do a better cheaper job than any government entity.

Show your support. Pull your children out of public schools. Avoid public libraries. Refuse to play in a public park. Don’t ride on public roads. Don’t call a public police if your house is robbed. Or a public firefighter if your house is on fire. And most of all, on election day, refuse to vote for any politician who makes a living as a public servant.

Stand up for your beliefs!!!