Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday in South Florida

And no, I am not going to the beach, I am going to the Town Center Mall. But not to join other free market patriots on the sidewalk on Glades Road to protest government DEATHcare! I am not sure if we will encounter any "proud communists" today, but should any of those freedom-haters show up, I will definitely take photos of the unhinged in action.

Speaking of Town Center Mall, not that I shop there much in the first place (a little to "Boca" for my taste), but knowing it is part of wealthy Democrat donor Melvin Simon's billion-dollar kingdom, I am definitely boycotting. If you haven't yet read about Free Market Warrior Loren Spivack, and his dismissal from the Concord Mills Mall, another Simon property in North Carolina, due to "offensive" merchandise, please take a moment to read his story here.

Loren was interviewed about the incident on Glenn Beck yesterday:

By the way, if you haven't heard, the Simon family, which has given over $1 million to Democrats including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Franken and the William J. Clinton Foundation, is also responsible for sabotaging the Atlanta Tea Party, via their Gwinnett Place Mall property and a legal technicality.

Let's hit them where it hurts -- in the pocketbook. There are lots of other places to shop, so boycott Simon Malls today!

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