Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thomas Paine on the Second American Revolution

Thanks to my friend Dave for sending this along!


Franklin's Locke said...

Absolutely right! Hallelujah! Here, here, Bring on term limits!

Doc Paul said...

I support much of this message with the notable exception of the call to abandon the electoral college. Of the few enduring institutions that speak to the true federal system (that is, a system whereby individual states cede certain authority to the central government, not one in which the central government dictates to the states), this one is crucial. Otherwise, the elections would be determined in California, New York, Texas, and a few large media markets. Moreover, the opportunity for abuse and corruption would be phenomenal.

Let the states designate their own electors in the manner they wish and let's not allow a nationwide repeat of Florida in 2000 ever to occur.

Daria said...

I wholeheartedly agree, Doc Paul! That was the only thing I didn't like.