Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scenes from a Fort Lauderdale Tea Party

Yesterday, about 50 of us showed up at the corner of US 1 and Oakland Park Blvd. to show our support for freedom, limited government, the United States Military, the right to bear arms and the sanctity of life. And yes, we also made our disgust known for the Obama Administration, which is hell-bent and determined to destroy this country in record time.

Inspired by Rick Santelli, several protests took place all around the country, with varying turn-outs. This particular weekend, we happened to be competing with CPAC; thus local heavy-hitters like Joyce Kaufman and Colonel Allen West were not in attendance. However, we have two more planned for this Saturday, March 7, one in the same location and another in Pembroke Pines. I've even started a Facebook page for South Florida conservatives, to make it easier to advertise events and provide a one-stop source for information on all conservative happenings throughout the Sunshine State.
As for yesterday, I am happy to report that most of the passing cars gave us approving honks, as many people seem to be waking up to the nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue. Of course, we had our share of left-wing loons and other Kool-Aid drinkers who, bereft of anything intelligent to say, furiously flipped the bird at us. Classy folks, these entitlement creatures!

However, I do want to say a word about conservatives who seem to take pleasure in ridiculing our efforts as inane and pointless, due to the low numbers at some protests. You might try showing a little respect for the devoted patriots who are using their right to assembly and free speech to educate the masses and call attention to the Obamanation. I am not a soldier; nor am I a political powerhouse or a talk radio celebrity. I am just an extremely concerned civilian and writer who loves her country enough to get out there and contribute in some small way to getting it back on track.

Maybe my efforts will be in vain; maybe goodness will prevail, I don't know. In the end, it's up to God. One thing I know for sure: I will fight for the USA with everything I have as long as I am drawing breath. And if you as a conservative find that amusing, so be it. I expect this kind of condescension from the Left; coming from the Right however, it is highly disappointing.

But I will press on, along with all of the other devoted Americans in South Florida and all across the country who've joined the cause. Thank God for die-hard patriots!


Unknown said...

Was this you folks also:

Daria said...

Hey Dennis,

Yes, that's our group! We've been protesting at that corner since February. I am not surprised that the leftist Sun-Sentinel would misrepresent us! The folks who gather there are among the nicest, most well-informed Americans I've ever met. We're from all walks of life and we love our country. That's why we gather there weekly.