Thursday, March 12, 2009

They Don't Call me "Muzz" for Nothing!

It has been an interesting week so far, to say the least. When I posted these photos on Facebook, I never expected the negative reaction I received from a prominent local conservative, talk radio host Joyce Kaufman. Just to clarify: from all I've heard up to this point, Joyce and I are in agreement on a vast majority of issues, from Israel's right to exist in peace to our government's serious obligation to protect our borders and clamp down on ILLEGAL immigration. Back in January, I attended one of her pro-Israel rallies, when the Gaza conflict was in full-force, and stood in solidarity with Christians and Jews while hateful Palestinians screamed and gestured despicable insults at us.

Joyce was the organizer behind these commendable rallies, which still take place every Tuesday evening in Fort Lauderdale. I admire her commitment and dedication to this worthy cause. I also owe her a debt of gratitude for allowing me an entire segment on her show to discuss my book and Soldiers' Angels fundraiser, along with current events and my blogging efforts here at Palin-Drone. With this new administration giving us and endless supply of righteous outrage (not to mention heartburn), one would think JK would devote her entire three hours to informing her listeners of the government's ever-increasing usurpation of power, and spurring them into action. You'd also be inclined to believe she'd commend the efforts of an admittedly small group of dedicated conservative citizens who, despite the sea of left-wingers surrounding them in Broward County, enthusiastically take to the street corners every Saturday in Fort Lauderdale to protest the Obamanation.

You'd be flat-out wrong!

Joyce began by critiquing my Facebook photos from the Tea Party and CAIR protest last week, demanding that we "get organized" and ridiculing the work of devoted patriot and anti-CAIR activist, Joe Kaufman of Americans Against Hate, a man who only deserves praise and admiration for his sheer courage in taking on radical Islam and its local enablers like Mayor Stacy Ritter.

Many immediately jumped to my defense on Facebook (thanks everyone!), but Joyce didn't stop there. Every day this week so far, she has used her not-so-golden microphone to lambaste the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party protestors as people "running around with their heads cut off." On Monday, the eve of this past Tuesday's City Council elections, she had the audacity to state that "the people on the corner don't even know there's an election tomorrow!"

Um, excuse me Ms. Kaufman, but the people who take 3-4 hours out of their Saturday to stand outside and protest this horrid President and his far-left policies are among the most politically astute I've ever met. How dare you insult them like that! Oh, and by the way, we all voted on Tuesday.

As bad as she was on Monday and Tuesday, yesterday, our conservative host reached a new low when discussing the release of Gitmo prisoners. She tarnished a valid point about the horror of Obama's decision to shut down Guantanamo to appease his radical base by suggesting (tongue-in-check, of course) that the enemy combatants should be "dropped off at Tea Parties!" Then Ms. Kaufman went on to say that she'll never participate in a "tea party," as if we're all sitting around drinking a hot cup of Darjeeling and eating krumpets!

Hey Joyce, the Tea Party connotation? It's an historical reference to a "little" event that took place some 200+ years ago, when angry colonists had their fill of "taxation without representation" from the Mother Land, thus setting the stage for America's eventual independence.

Ms. Kaufman also wondered if we protestors had ever called our local congressional representatives, sent them emails and signed petitions. Yes on all three counts, Ms. Kaufman. Here's an example: I was one of the "loud and proud" people who defied President Bush and Senators McCain and Graham on the disgusting amnesty legislation. Along with my fellow citizens, I "melted the switchboards" twice, until we killed the bill.

Let me be clear: I acknowledge Joyce's right not to participate in our Tea Parties, and her right to avoid publicizing them on her show. What I do take issue with however, is her constant demonization of people who are simply exercising their right to assembly and peaceful protest.

Does she think we're taking time out of our weekend to endure the obscenities of passers-by because we have nothing better to do?

We're all scared for our county. And along with holding elected leaders' feet to the fire and voting in every election, we are joining with thousands across the nation to fight FOR freedom, capitalism, the US Military and Israel; and AGAINST "taxation without deliberation," and this administration's determination to punish producers and reward sloths.

I've been incredibly angry about this all week, but I really ought to thank Joyce: far from dampening my enthusiasm, she's actually energized me and refueled my determination (which was already pretty high-octane).

Saturday is my birthday, and I can't think of a better way to spend it than with my co-patriots on a Fort Lauderdale corner, on a beautiful South Florida day, fighting for my country. Hey, Doc Paul and Mark don't call me Muzz for nothing!

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Joann said...

Keep up the good work, fight for what is right and true and noble.
Just like the Lord told Joshua "be strong and courageous.