Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Introducing Temerity Magazine

I just had a wonderful phone interview with Don Smith, writer for the forthcoming Temerity Magazine, brainchild of my Facebook friend Chad "Teddy Bear" Everson. If there is a silver lining to having a Marxist in the White House, it's the fact that conservatives have come out of the closet in droves on social networking sites, blogs and other places, where they've made meaningful connections, encouraged each other to take action and used their talents and skills to create new opportunities, particularly in the realm of pop culture.

Thanks to new alternatives like Big Hollywood, the recently launched Parcbench and soon-to-go-live, Temerity Magazine, avenues are opening up for conservative artists, writers, singers and others whose talents would otherwise be rejected by the liberal power-brokers that dominate the entertainment industry. As an added bonus, just knowing there are so many Americans out there who share my philosophy and love for this country is helping to keep me sane in an increasingly scary world in which our own government has become an enemy of the people.

Temerity will be up and running on April 29, according to the home page. Here's to its success and prosperity!

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