Thursday, March 5, 2009

Groping for the right analogy

My wife and I were having a bit of a disagreement on the question of whether Obama is competent in pursuing a deliberate strategy of destroying the markets so as to destroy capitalism as a concept, the better to bring about his vision of a socialist state, or merely an incompetent bungler.

She takes the view that he is remarkably crafty and that none of this is a mistake. Quoting Rand: "Mistakes of this size are never made innocently."

I take the view that he is in over his head and the markets are tanking because of rank incompetence.

On reflection, I don't think that these are mutually exclusive arguments, but ones that emphasize different aspects of the same rotten performance.

So I tried this analogy out on her, and she seemed to like it:

Obama is like a guy who has been taught from his youngest days that builders of homes are evil. Their work product, i.e., houses, is evil. The morally proper thing to do, then, is to destroy their work. He is masterful at getting termites to houses.

Is he smart? Well, he really knows how to get the termites in the right spot so as to destroy houses.

Is he not so smart? Well, he thinks that destroying houses is morally proper, and follows naturally from the stupid premise that homebuilders are evil.

Maybe it works better aloud than written down, but I think that Obama's embrace of the leftist anti-capitalist vision of society is so horrifically stupid that I can't admire his tactical brilliance (if in fact that is what it is) in bringing it about. I vote double dumb: tactical ineptitude in service of a stupid goal. Put that on a TelePrompTer and The Won could deliver that in ways that make Chris Mathews' leg tingle.

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