Friday, March 20, 2009

Pictures from the We Surround Them - Greenacres Event Last Friday

Although it's difficult to tell from these photos, which were taken early on in the evening, close to 200 people came to McKenna's restaurant last Friday in Greenacres to watch Glenn Beck's We Surround Them broadcast. Aside from the cameradie and comfort that inevitably results from spending a few hours with so many like-minded patriots, the event also energized me to keep up my efforts in spite of the naysayers. Far from just a patriotic pep rally, Glenn's brainchild stirred this determined group into action, as my email alerts from the Greenacres meetup site will attest.
Shannon and Doug, the organizers of this gathering, did an outstanding job, and it's safe to say that most in attendance have probably been involved in civic activities for a good portion of their lives -- long before programs such as Glenn's became so (unfortunately) critical. One gentleman named Dmitry moved us all to tears as he passionately recounted his escape from Soviet Russia, and the very feasible possibility of America succumbing to totalitarianism under the guise of such friendly sounding things as "universal healthcare," and a "citizen corps." His words were a sobering wake-up call as to what can happen when the electorate forgets that government works for them, and not the other way around. Dmitry is the third person I've met over the last few months who has escaped from the bonds of oppression -- talk radio host Martin Dzuris, and a nice man named Jim (whom I met at the anti-CAIR protest) being the other two.
Everyone who loves freedom and this country should be pulling for the success of the Tea Parties and every other effort to get the USA back to it roots. I pray we can do it before Obama and his minions have a chance to inflict even more irreversible damage.

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