Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Governor Palin Received Her Copy of the Book

I just received a signed thank you note from Governor Sarah Palin for the copy of Water Signs I sent to her. The card actually references the title of the book, proving once again what a class act she is. Governor, you made my day!

And I hope if you do find the time to read it, you will find inspiration in the character of Louis Rose, a testament to the kind of life that's possible for your precious son, Trig.

God bless you!


Carlos Echevarria said...

Did you send it to the Juneau Government office address?

Or to her home?

I sent a Christmas Card and long letter in early December, via USPS Express, and never received any feedback whatsoever.

Yours is truly an intense story, congrats on her responding....

Daria said...

Hey Carlos,

I sent it to the Juneau address back in January. Her card is dated February 18, so it took a few weeks to get to me. She's a busy lady, but I sure hope she'll find the time to read it.

Anyway, I would send any future correspondance to her Juneau address for best results.

Take care,
Daria :)