Sunday, March 22, 2009

Orlando Tea Party

Yesterday I drove up to Orlando with Shona and Dmitry, both of whom have a unique perspective since neither is an American by birth, but by choice. And much like adult converts to Catholicism, they possess an ever greater appreciation for the freedom allowed by this great country, having lived in places where it was in either shorter supply (as in Shona's native New Zealand, where guns are banned) or non-existent (as in Soviet-controlled Ukraine and Georgia, from which Dmitry escaped 21 years ago).

Thanks her husband's work, Shona also spent seven years in Libya, where women were treated like property, before moving to the USA (Martin County, FL) over 30 years ago. Dmitry told us horror stories about the Russian border, and the fate of would-be escapees who were captured by the KGB. And while I was raised with a love and appreciation for my country, listening to their stories gave me an even greater sense of urgency (if that's possible) to stop the Obama rush to socialism and work for a congressional repeat of 1994, in 2010. If we can do that, I believe we stand a good chance of getting this country back to its federalist roots. If not, I fear a bloody revolution....and I don't say that lightly.

People are angry, and our so-called leaders continue to turn a deaf ear to our righteous outrage. I don't know what it will take to get them to listen, but as I said, my hope is that enough of us will effectively work hard to get conservatives elected into congress in 2010. Judging from yesterday's crowd in Orlando, citizens are already mobilized. And I just pray that the country can survive the next two years of a Democrat-controlled government.

City and police estimate yesterday's crowd somewhere between 5,000-6,000. Organized by patriot Lisa Feroli, the event was hosted by local talk radio personality Bud Hedinger of 540 a.m. WFLA, while singer/songwriter Lloyd Marcus energized the crowd with his new song, American Tea Party, along with patriotic favorites like "God Bless America." Speakers included Andrea Shea King, internet talk radio host and WorldNetDaily contributor; Tom Gaitens, Florida Coordinator for; and Kristinn Taylor, D.C. Lead for Free Republic. All were inspirational, applauding the efforts of the grass-roots and urging us to keep up the pressure on local, state and national leaders.

We came away from the gathering more determined than ever to take our country back, though admittedly, we're facing a formidable battle. But as I've noted in other posts, there is no other choice but to fight. The colonists and framers of the Constitution managed to overcome the world's then most powerful country and military, and go on to create a miracle known as the United States of America. If enough of us who believe in the principles of our Founding Fathers follow their example, we can get this nation back on track. But it will take commitment, courage and discipline -- qualities I know exist in abundance, judging from the people I've met at these various gatherings.

One other note: it was so great to bump into my Facebook friend, Tabitha Miller! Those who think FB is waste of time, I encourage you to re-think that position. It's been great not only for connecting with fellow conservative activists, but also for promoting my book.

And lastly, if you haven't already, please visit this site to locate a Tea Party in your area on April 15.


Carlos Echevarria said...

I really admire your patriotism and dedication to our Republic and way of life, which is being impinged by this vile interloping, charlatan thug in DC and abroad.

Amazing story regarding your friends, as fellow Roman Catholic and as a son of parents/grandparents that had to leave Cuba in 1959 due to communism, I clearly understand how those which have lost freedom are more conscious of its value!!!

Keep up the awesome work Daria...God Bless you.

Daria said...

Thank you Carlos! I really appreciate your readership of Palin-Drone, and our friendship. :)