Monday, March 2, 2009

Parcbench Pop Culture: Another Brewing Revolution

For far too long, conservatives have sat back and allowed the Left to dominate not only the media, but pop culture, content to simply boycott repulsive anti-military, anti-American films like Rendition and In the Valley of Elah, two examples of box office bombs that nonetheless played well to foreign audiences and put our honorable Troops in even more danger.

Yet not until Andrew Breitbart's recently launched Big Hollywood, and comedic efforts such as last fall's An American Carol, did conservative (or at least non-left-leaning) Hollywood embark on a cohesive movement to stem the tide and bring traditional values back to an entertainment industry dominated by flaming, angry and unfortunately, flush-with-cash liberals.

Enter Kellen Guida of Parcbench Pop Culture, a smart, savvy twenty-something who decided to create a movement of his own. Set to launch on March 23, Parcbench Pop Culture will highlight music, film, literature, lifestyle and politicial commentary from a decidedly Right perspective. I am a contributer to this site, and will post regular features and columns on a variety of topics. Kellen has also read my book and loves it (whew!), so look for a positive review of Water Signs as well.

If you are on Facebook, please join the Parcbench Group Page and support this desperately needed cause, which will hopefully serve as an integral factor in re-educating young, impressionable voting minds. I for one, am sick of my intelligent vote being cancelled out by a younger generation that has been brainwashed not only by our public education system, but by an increasingly extreme culture that insists on glorifying the basest human behaviors and painting conservatives as evil, uptight, rich white people with racist, sexist and sadistic tendencies.

Join the Parcbench Revolution today!

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