Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Twilight Zone

Somehow this video just seems fitting. And hey, for all of you LIBS out there who just couldn't get over your abortion/Roe v. Wade obsession, thanks a lot. Ditto to Catholics (who can't seem to get over their false belief in Jesus as a proponent of government redistribution of wealth) and Jewish Americans. I guess the right to murder the unborn was much more of a pressing priority than protecting America from future terrorist attacks. Alleged pro-life Catholics have ensured unfettered abortion for all, no parental consent and miserable deaths in soiled utility rooms for babies who actually survive abortions. I hope you're all happy, because I am sure the Palestinians will be popping champagne corks soon if they haven't already.

When will you learn that even if your precious Roe was overturned, the issue of abortion would go to the states, where it rightfully belongs, and citizens would actually get to vote on it, instead of unelected, activist judges? While we're on the subject, can you please explain to me why my tax dollars should fund what I believe to be murder?

Hard to fathom, just a mere seven years away from 9/11 and we're sending a radical, Palestinian-sympathizing Marxist to the White House.

May God have mercy on us all!

UPDATE: Per Gateway Pundit, Obama received 77% of the Jewish vote. And according to Catholic Vote, 54% of Catholics threw their support behind the Marxist. Appalling!


philly said...

Just like your party's message, you too speak alone in a vaccum of slince where no one is bothering to read or comment for that matter to your angry, sad, and completely paranoid diatribes. To this end, I alone am left to uproariously laugh over your bitterly indignant grasp of reality.

Try saying it.....President Obama...go on try once. I guess you the enlightened one are much more worldly, educated, and more in tune with the issues than your fellow Republicans, in Ohio, Pennsylvania and the rest of the landslide coalition of change.

Seriously though, we have many more pressing issues to cry over than Israel's fear of Palenstine. We have 5000 dead boys because of your party's rush to war and you're worried about Palestine? We have a complete meltdown of the economy under your party's watch and you cavalierly accuse Obama of untold future crimes of paranoia.

You my dear would do well to--and I say this with all due respect---just shut up, read the facts, travel the world, and look around you. You sound so typically American. You've been to the Jersey shore, Philadelphia, and Florida. You have a blabbermouth blog read by me alone. You supposedly also have a book.....I bet that's about as exciting as your political observations.

Your remarks about gays, women who choose what to do with their bodies, and terrorists are quite frankly startling, and reveal a shallowness of life-experiences and the slightest empathy of your fellow humans.

You speak as negatively as possible of a highly degreed and educated man, not to mention a law professor. And compared with your nominal volunteerism with the "Boca Raton Republican Party", Mr. Obama has been doing a world of good for the really less fortunate.

Your remarks on this stupid and idiotic war waged on the false pretense of WMD's is itself completely revealing of the vast depth of your hollow knowledge of the world and the threats we face as a nation. To think that you even feel we had a right, need, or pretense to murder 100,000 Iraqis is scary. You're so out of touch with reality, and judging by the election results--the country too.

Mark said...

That's funny, you're reading my blog so obviously it can't be too angry, sad and paranoid.

I can say President Obama. I can also spell. It's "P - a -l -e -s -t -i -n -e", Comrade. I am not like you, I don't hate my fellow Americans and politicians I happen not to agree with.

As for Obama helping the less fortunate, can you say " Born Alive Protection Act". The man is in favor of infanticide.

As for women's own bodies, they can do with them what they will. I obect to them killing other defenseless, innocent human beings. Face it, that's why you hate Sarah Palin so much. You despise the fact that she brought a Downs Syndrome child into the world, don't you. Such a child does not fit your liberal fascist ideal.

Many more millions will die when your President Obama takes office. Will you keep a scorecard each day of how many black babies and Down Syndrome babies are slaughtered? Does it make you feel empowered Philly? That blood is on your hands, Comrade.

Also since you have such an ignorance of the facts, let me try to help you. The financial meltdown was due soley to your party. Here's the history starting with the CRA, that caused the economic crisis. It's a straight line from Carter to Clinton to Frank to Dodd to Obama.

The behavior of these men was and is downright criminal. Your party has been in control of Congress for two years. Want to guess why there have been zero Cngressional hearings? Because your comrades can't find a Republican to blame it on!

I have traveled to many parts of this great country, Philly. You should try visiting places other than Bridge and Pratt and South Street. You might actually learn something.

By the way, what's the title of your book? PS You need a new poster of Stalin in your bedroom.

philly said...

marky, i am a republican who could handle the lies and intolerance no more. as for defenseless life being taken....there's a bout 100,000 of those taken in iraq....damn tell me what high school you attend you're a witty kid.

palenstine scares a kid like you, i understand. when you finally make it to the middle east you'll see it's that pesky "main stream media' that has been giving you a one sided representation of mighty israel.....silly kid south street sunds cool when you're in high school, when you grow up you'll see there much better places to visit.....tell you what hot stuff, how about a posted of pudgy ass? hahahahahahah

Mark said...

You're about as Republican as Donald Duck.