Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Show Time

Tomorrow we face perhaps the most important election in the history of our nation. It is a choice of epic proportions. Life vs. death, freedom vs. tyranny, capitalism vs. socialism/communism, energy independence vs. being held hostage to Mid-East oil interests, choice for workers vs. union domination, free speech vs. the "Fairness Doctrine", Second Amendment rights vs. a police state, economic growth vs. class warfare, unity vs. balkanization, immigration vs. illegal invasion, the Constitution vs. foreign law, peace through strength vs. weakness inviting an attack, and voting rights for our military vs. voting rights for illegals and criminals.

Stand up for America and vote McCain - Palin. Otherwise we could wake up Wednesday morning in Amerika. Perish the thought.

1 comment:

philly said...

what prat. i guess the forces of good lost. so much fear and scare tactics just like that sad campaign that just got spanked! dude you need to stop your chicken little complex....come out of your conservative mommy and daddy shell of protectionism and realize you're going to be ok. you sound like that worry wart sean hannity. life goes on, you'll see we still spell're a real phobic of other countries and are funny though. by the way speaking of class graduation you know where mccain graduated in his naval academy class? how many government paid for jest he crashed before his ineptitude pilot skills got him shot down? heores are the kids who died fighting this ill-begotten republican foray into a country that neither threatened us, nor had wmd's....john mccain was just a lousy pilot trying to win his daddy's approval.