Sunday, November 23, 2008

Candy Asses

Sorry for the vulgarity, but I am unable to believe that this is happening. Ann Althouse applied the term in response to the dumb asses who got their panties in a bunch because Sarah Palin, after doing the customary, clich├ęd chief-executive-pardons-a-turkey-before-Thanksgiving schtick gave an interview to a reporter while still on the grounds of the turkey farm. And get this - they actually kill and bleed out turkeys on this turkey farm! More than that, Sarah Palin is an IDIOT, and a CRUEL and HEARLTESS one at that, because she, um, gave an interview while the turkey farm continued to function in the background! The horror!

Like Eric Scheie, I didn't think this was serious - at first, I thought it was either a few PETA types being PETA types, or some lefty goofballs trying to lay a trap to get Palin supporters to overreact. Sadly, it sure appears that the morons who find anything objectionable in this video are, in fact, serious. I don't think the English language has sufficient verbiage for me to express how ridiculous these losers are. Hey, poltroons, enjoy your turkey - it was once a living, breathing bird that had to be killed before it reached your table. I know a lot of you have a problem understanding biology, particularly as it pertains to how humans come into being, but never did I think that you didn't understand what turkeys (or chickens, or cows, or pigs) were before they became table meat.

I think perhaps the Big O does, though (or at least he doesn't let it stop him from indulging in chicken wings):

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The D said...

If she were a lib, we all know they'd be calling this a noble effort to indirectly raise awareness and empower the average American to fully realize the cruelty of the slaughter of innocent turkeys by having said "slaughter" going on the background after pardoning a turkey.

After this analysis, the libs will turn off the news and sit down to their own Thanksgiving dinner, knowing with security that their turkey was not slaughtered - no, it met its end via hugs, kisses, and rainbows.