Saturday, November 8, 2008

Moderate Mush

Gerald Ford in 1976 - vanquished. George H.W. Bush in 1992 - vanquished. Bob Dole in 1996 - vanquished. John McCain in 2008 - vanquished. Thanks to the moderates, the Republican party had given us four years of Jimmy Carter, eight years of Bill Clinton, and now Obama. DO i detect a learning disability here?

The only true Conservative to run in the last thirty years was the magnificent Ronald Reagan who won two landslides with the entire media and both party establishments against him. The only conservative to lose was another great candidate, Barry Goldwater, in 1964. Moderates like to focus on that. However, lest we forget Goldwater was attacked by moderates in his own party and there was a bitter fight at the convention. The erudite, liberal fraud Bill Scranton went so far as to try to get President Eisenhower to denounce Goldwater to the convention delegates!

In addition, 1964 was only year after the tragic assassination of President Kennedy and the nation was in mourning. Many votes for Johnson were really votes for Kennedy. Add to all of that the fact that LBJ was one of sleaziest politicians of all time, and he got a free pass in media. There was no Fox News or talk radio to help Goldwater, he was all alone.

I hope you learn from this my moderate, blue blood, country club Republican friends. Our future depends on it.


philly said...

you fail to mention the sleaziest, and thankfully also vanquished, most underacieving idiot of all time, one ,who set new records for national debt, devisive politics, and personal ineptitude-----tada!! dubya.

Doc Paul said...


It is much classier if, when responding to a post, you do things such as:

- make statements that are defensible ("sleaziest"? how so? "vanquished"? Bush was 2-0 in presidential elections)

- spell properly (underacieving? devisive?)

- use commas with some rudimentary sense of good grammar ("idiot of all time, one ,who")

- address the issue at hand, not concoct straw men to knock down that don't have anything to do with the point of the post

Other than that, great comment! Keep it up!