Sunday, November 16, 2008

Now the Real Work Begins

As we all know, Conservatism is a grass roots philosophy that starts from the bottom up. It's comprised of people who think for themselves and then find common ground with other like minded thinkers. It is the polar opposite of liberalism, in which a few select, erudite, elitist thinkers spout socialistic ideas and the masses drink the Kool - Aid.

That said, it's now time for Conservatives to roll up our sleeves and work hard to help the Republican Party rediscover its soul, not to mention its long,lost electoral majority. This makeover can only occur at the state and local levels.

So here's the prescription. Get involved with your local party and find out why we were beaten. Then let's learn from our mistakes. Next, let's start supporting Conservative candidates at the local level be it school board or tax collector. Join the CRA. That's how we do it, from the bottom up. Those of us like me, keep blogging and sharing ideas.

At the state level, let your legislators know when you disagree with them and support our Republican governors. These executives are our future and out of their ranks will come the next Republican president, hopefully in 2012. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We need to start right now, if want to win back Congress in 2010.
We don't have the luxury of waiting until after the Inauguration.

We are all disheartened by the loss of the election, and being stuck with another moderate candidate who was afraid to espouse conservative principles. However, the time for mourning is over. If we act properly and with conviction, out of this defeat could rise our greatest victory. As the old Chinese proverb states "out of crisis, opportunity". We certainly have a crisis. Now let's use this opportunity to rebuild our party and save our country. Let's roll!

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Daria said...

Well-said, Mark! I am a new member of CRA, Conservative Republican Alliance, here in South Florida. I've also joined a new group called Palm Beach County Conservatives, which I came across on The first meeting is next month.

I would suggest joining these types of social networking sites to find similar groups in your area: and are just two I can think of. Recently, I became a member of the Federated Republican Women of Boca Raton. Based on my experience there last month, it seems to be a conservative group. Sid Dinerstein is the speaker at this month's meeting, which takes place Wednesday. He's always excellent, so I am looking forward to it.