Monday, November 10, 2008

As Mark has been at pains to point out...

A clear conservative Reaganite message IS a winner. Now, there is a resident troll who, using a simulacrum of the English language, sputters his disagreement, occasionally in complete sentences. So how about responding to this, philly?

Mr. Obama won the White House promising tax cuts, but he will be governing with a Democratic Congress bursting with desire for a more activist government. As he faces this challenge, he might remember the fate of another man who made taxes the central part of his campaign: the first President Bush, whose most memorable campaign line -- "Read my lips, no new taxes" -- was as central to his victory as Mr. Obama's promise to cut taxes for 95% of Americans. George H.W. Bush famously reneged on that promise. Voters rejected his bid for a second term.

Mr. Obama ran like Reagan. Will he be able to govern that way, too?


philly said...

troll? ur a funny kid paulie. look doc, bush didn't so much win because of his edict, he lost because he broke it. he was running against dukakis after all.

as for obama, neither i nor you have a crystal ball. i can tell you this--with the mess bush left this country in i fully expect obama not to be relected either as there is just to much damage for one administration to clean up without the inherent pain that will follow.

bush clearly raised the standard of the worst president in history. what i can say is this: after losing 5,000 young american heroes to george bush's crusade, and after watching the melt down of the american economy due in part to deregulatory measures of this admisitration and a republican lead congress of six years- enough was clearly enough.
you see doc, i travel extensively and in my many travels abroad in the past 6 years of this ill begotten war in iraq i've seen, heard, and spoken to many people of the world. one thing is abundantly clear the u.s. is increasingly despised for its foreign policies based on lies and paranoia. a majority of americans gave bush and the republican lead congress a check of good faith--he along with a few mislead cronies, chiefly uncle dick cheney, squandered this goodwill check. in the process we took out eye off the real war that had to be fought--afghanistan.

so to answer you question in a round about way who knows how well obama will govern. this is much is known though--obama is far wiser, than either reagan or bush was, so i think we have a much better shot of restoring the pride, dignity, and respect of this great country with the likes of obama over a 72 year old man intent on perpetrating more war.

the world needs healing not more war. my brother has fought in gulf 1, iraq, and now currently serves in afghanistan as a special forces advisor. we can only wait and see. the bottom line is many more republicans voted for obama than democrats for mccain so i guess this country really was tired of the same old song and is willing to take a gamble on mr. obama.

The D said...

"look doc, bush didn't so much win because of his edict, he lost because he broke it."

Nice - another rhetorical word-around that falls flat on its face. If he lost because he broke his edict, his edict must've been pretty darn important - and so, it played a role in his victory.

"-obama is far wiser, than either reagan or bush was,"

Again. Prove it.

philly said...

little d, you are as good at quoting s this site is....funny little fella. the "d"--it's so clear what that "d" stands for....funny kid.

The D said...

I'm just as good as quoting bull as you are at saying it.

Answer me. You haven't done that once. Stop running from a "funny kid" if you're the big, strong, intelligent person you say you are.

philly said...

little d. running? what fantasy has your political strategist mind construed here. on the contrary son, i'm too busy laughing at how i've gotten you to react to every single piece of grbage posted on this "conservative' blog. i cannot tell you how happy i am to have discovered this site--i'm still thinking this is some type of parody site....until i speak with your mom i can't be sure though.

"big, strong" you little fellas are a funny bunch....either speaking of my ass or my physique, either way not exactly traits of conservative republicans i know....

The D said...

As far as I can recall, I haven't been able to speak a word about anything on the blog because whenever I try to allow a contrasting viewpoint into the discussion, said viewpoint won't represent the opposing ideas.

I'm sure you can add to discussion - please do. All you've been doing so far is taking away.