Sunday, August 9, 2009

Support Edward Lynch for Congress - FL 19

I spent a few hours in a campaign meeting this afternoon in Boca Raton on behalf of Edward Lynch, who is running for Congress in Florida District 19 against Robert Wexler. I've gotten to know Ed over the last several months and he is a sincere, principled conservative whose leadership is desperately needed. Although I live in Colonel Allen West's district (FL-22) and will most definitely cast my vote for him as my Congressman in November, 2010, I am also volunteering for the Lynch campaign. If you can, please consider visiting his website and making a donation.

There was much excitement, determination and energy in the room today; the Tea Party people are channeling their justifiable anger at the hostile takeover of our country by leftists through active participation in grass-roots conservative candidates' campaigns. Here are some photos from the day.

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