Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mr. Astroturf Lives in the White House

It is comical to hear the President and his liberal allies in the press and Congress refer to everyday citizens expressing their First Amendment Rights as AstroTurf automatons. Nothing could be further from the truth. The outrage about health care is genuine and real, and truth be told it has the President and his inner circle very unnerved,to the point of their falling back on the age old psychologic phenomenon of projectionism. That is, accusing someone else from engaging in the very bad behavior that you yourself engage in. The President, of course, is the nation's leading astroturfer. He is a lifelong community organizer/agitator who majored in manufactured outrage and the playing of the race card.

Now the President has pulled out another old staple from the Alinsky playbook, class warfare. He and his minions are now demonizing both insurance companies and physicians. We have all heard the President's ridiculous comments about how physicians like to take out tonsils instead of treating sore throats non - surgically, solely so that they can make more money. He followed up that fib with another one recently. It seems the Commander-in- Chief has a problem with the way diabetes is treated in this country. The Community Organizer claims that diabetes should be treated in a more preventive fashion by stressing diet and medication. He further made the baldly false assertion that instead of doing it his way, physicians would rather amputate the foot of a diabetic in order to make more money.

Both of these statements are clearly wrong, not to mention unconscionable. First, the physicians who make the initial diagnosis do not perform surgery. They determine that a surgical consult is needed and then refer the patient to a surgeon. If surgery is performed, it is the surgeon who gets paid for the procedure and not the primary physician. Second, when did Mr. Obama get his medical degree? Is he licensed to practice in any state? Will he make his medical license public, unlike his birth certificate and school records? I am not a physician either Mr. President, but I can make an accurate diagnosis of your above referenced comments about physicians - lies and slander. Now that I've made a diagnosis Sir, here is my prescribed treatment. Apologize now to both physicians and insurance companies and please stop trying to defend your indefensible plan.

As if the tactics described above aren't enough, the desperate White House now has ordered its minions to pull out the heavy artillery, namely the race card. Of course, the accusations do no come directly from the White House but through its surrogates in an orchestrated fashion. Those who decry this Administration's socialist policies are branded as racists. The charge is out there now that use of the word "socialism" is code for the "N-word". OF course, the lap dogs in the dinosaur media eat up like fresh scraps.

The good news is that the tide is turning. But this is no time for everyday Americans to relax. Over these next three weeks, we must turn up the heat. Keep attending town meetings, telephone and email your Congressmen and Senators and voice your opinion. It is your right as an American. Always be respectful but do not be intimidated. It is up to We the People to defend our country, our health care system, and our great American traditions. There is no force on earth greater than the will of the American people. Let's unleash tht force on this Administration and its allies in Congress.

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