Monday, August 3, 2009

Malkin Talks "Culture of Corruption" on The View

Poor Joy Behar, who cannot seem to overcome her chronic case of Bush Derangement Syndrome, was hopelessly outwitted by Michelle Malkin's calm command of the facts and unfazed articulation of her premise. Ditto for an obviously annoyed Whoopi. It is a classic ploy of committed liberals to accuse conservatives of being in blind lockstep with President Bush and all Republicans, when the reality is that prominent bloggers and journalists like Malkin have taken both Bush and the GOP to task repeatedly over rampant spending, expansion of big government, amnesty and refusal to seal the borders -- among other things.

If Behar or Goldberg possessed any intellectual honesty, not to mention genuine interest their guest, they would've paid a visit to her site(s) where her viewpoints are eloquently presented for all to read. But that's not really the point is it? Blaming Bush is a nice deflection from the abject failures of the Mistaken Won. God forbid a well-researched book thoroughly refute the notion of "Hope and Change" that hoodwinked far too many Americans, many of whom are already expressing buyer's remorse. And we're only halfway into the first year of his term.

God bless Michelle for her intrepid reporting, and her fearlessness in confronting the snake pit. As she duly notes, every audience member went home with a copy of her book, and the ladies were reduced to arguing about how corrupt the O-Team is, not whether they are corrupt in the first place. Score this one a victory for our side!

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