Thursday, August 6, 2009

Missile Defense

President Obama and his appeasement allies in this Democratic controlled Congress fiddle while Rome burns. Their weak, pathetic foreign policy has served to greatly embolden our enemies and cause grave concern among our allies in just seven short months.

Iran inches ever closer to building a nuclear bomb, and Hugo Chavez is running wild in central America. The President's response is to shrug and admonish Israel, the lone democracy in the Middle East. At a time when the President has taken wasteful spending to historic levels, he has proposed cuts to the one area of government where money should be spent, on the defense of our country. He truly believes he can talk any enemy into submission. This naivete has placed all of us in great danger.

Over the last few days the Navy has been monitoring Russian nuclear submarines engaging in maneuvers off of the East Coast. Russia and quite possibly China have the capacity to launch nuclear weapons from mobile submarines that could easily reach American cities. What's to stop these two adversaries from selling this technology to Iran or North Korea. Certainly not the actions of this administration. Such capability makes it much harder for us to shoot down one of these nuclear missiles in the event of an attack. It is much easier to effectively thwart an attack from a nuclear missile that is launched from a stationary pad on land.

The only way to thwart such an attack is by establishing an effective missile defense. President Reagan was way ahead of the curve on this issue in the 19080s but was derailed by a liberal Congress who mocked the system and referred to it as "Star Wars". As a parent of four, I certainly wish that our foolish lawmakers had been as wise as "The Gipper."

The problem with a nuclear attack is that a missile that somehow evades our defenses and gets through can do great damage, even if it doesn't detonate on the ground. An enemy could purposely detonate a nuke in the upper reaches of the atmosphere over America, and still cause great damage through a phenomenon known as electromagnetic pulse. Such an explosion would create an electromagnetic field which would take out all of our satellites, computers, and even small items such as cell phones. The entire country would be debilitated and subject to an even more devastating attack. I would strongly recommend that everyone go the Claremont Institute website for more detailed information on this subject.

The President has completely ignored this topic and has focused solely on socializing the American health care system. I would suggest Mr. President that if you are truly concerned about health care, that you immediately lobby Congress to pass a bill to fully fund a missile defense system for the 21st century. If you don't Sir and an attack is successful, you will not have to manufacture a health care crisis anymore, you will have a very real one on your hands.

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Anonymous said...

An EMP is a very real threat to America today. Reading "One Second After" by William Forstchen will give you a very real look at how things would become during such an attack. I definitely recommend it. Each family can prepare individually by storing food and water and becoming self sufficient in the event of such an attack on our nation.