Sunday, August 16, 2009

An Army of Sarahs

The unemployed hockey mom with the magical keyboard strikes fear in the hearts of this Administration.

But in the end, this is not about Palin, this is about the people being pissed off at Washington. Who do we have? A media that has yet to check out the record $500 million in large campaign donations andits possible relationship to that quick, $787 billion payoff, er, stimulus package? A Republican Party that screwed up for two elections in a row?

Who stands for the 47% of America that refused to go along to get along and voted for someone else?

If it is Palin, then let it be Palin. And if that makes us all a bunch of stupid, gun-clinging rednecks, well, so be it then. The Ivy League sent us this guy. Maybe the University of Idaho can send us someone better.

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