Thursday, August 6, 2009

Female Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head Again

To paraphrase a former governor from the state of Texas (you know, the one George W. Bush soundly defeated in 1994?), "Poor Kathleen Parker, she just can't help herself. It's not her fault she was born with diarrhea of the mouth!"

Via C4P, I encountered yet another lovely example of Palin Derangement Syndrome on display from the allegedly conservative writer, whose rantings betray not only Parker's incurable jealousy vis-a-vis Alaska's recently retired governor, but also a fatal ingestion of the Obama Kool-Aid. And apparently, both maladies have proven to be quite lucrative for the previously obscure (though to be fair, her work has appeared on the National Review and Townhall sites, among others) and hopelessly elitist mirror-image of another envious Palin-basher, Maureen Dowd.

Quoting C4P's R.A. Mansour:

First off, Kathleen Parker is a disgrace. She uses Sarah Palin in her articles because Palin is her gravy train. Before she attacked Palin during the 2008 election, Parker was an obscure and talentless writer. Now Parker is a famous and talentless writer. This outrageous panel basically accused Sarah Palin of racism simply because she is a white woman. Merely being a white woman and challenging Barack Obama means that you are racist. Apparently anyone who disagrees with Barack Obama about health care, cap and trade, and his fiscal policies is a racist or fomenting racism. The term socialist is now apparently a racial epithet. (Question: If I call Gordon Brown a socialist, am I calling him a racial epithet?) This panel accuses Sarah Palin of being evil just because she challenges Barack Obama. They are accusing all of us of being evil simply because we disagree with Obama’s leftwing policies.

So to paraphrase Newsweek, I guess conservatives are all racists now, except for "enlightened" ones like Kathleen Parker, who is apparently basking in the glow of adoration emanating from MSNBC's 10 delusional viewers, not to mention tingly-legged Chris Matthews. I hate to admit this, but she reminds me of a common site in my area of Florida: the overly made-up; excessively nipped, tucked and surgically pumped up; inappropriately dressed, 50-something Boca Babe, sitting at the end of the bar in an upscale establishment, trying to compete with much-younger and much more beautiful women for the attention of wealthy, attractive males of all ages.

Parker may not be a product of plastic surgery, or a woman who dresses as if she hasn't yet turned thirty, but her relentless diatribes against Palin (whose accomplishments Parker never acknowledges) spring from the same well of insecurity that repeatedly drives an aging South Florida female to the plastic surgeon's office. In Kathleen Parker's case, it appears that being the "right" kind of conservative so as to be accepted into the Washington D.C. cocktail party circuit takes precedence over espousing any kind of principled stand against Obama's treacherous foreign policy, unprecedented spending and Hitler-esque "snitch on your neighbor" tactics. No, for an aging hag like Kathleen Parker, it's much more lucrative and enjoyable -- in a demented sort of way -- to perpetuate her smear campaign against a woman to whom she'll never measure up if she lives to be 100.

In a Parker vs. Palin match-up, the so-called journalist is hopelessly out-classed, out-accomplished, out-witted and definitely out-of-her league in the looks department. And no amount of lipstick is gonna beautify that pig.

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