Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Operation "Flag the White House"

Posing with another RWE, my good friend Karen, at the July 4 Tea Party in West Palm.

Per the erudite advice of Michelle Malkin and the blog Brutally Honest, I decided to save Obama and his blind followers the trouble of having to track me down for being a "Right Wing Extremist" actively working to kill his DEATHcare bill, among other things. I encourage all of you to do the same. Dictators you see, have no sense of humor as noted by my sources above. Keeping that in mind, I just emailed the following to

Hello White House!

I just thought I'd "turn myself in" as a member of the patriot resistance who is actively and regularly speaking out against your Marxist plans for my country. You can find me in a number of places: my blog Palin Drone, www.palin-drone.blogspot.c
om (yes, named in honor of that wonderful patriot and authentic leader from Alaska); and on my Facebook, AmericaC2C, SmartGirlPolitics, God Bless America, Twitter and YouTube pages, just to name a few (I blog in many places, you see). And you can also listen to me on Blog Talk Radio, where I co-host a few shows and appear as guest on a number of others. Hey, tune in some time if you can! We'd love to debate you on the issues.

One other thing: You don't scare me with your "spy on your neighbor" tactics, and since I don't like to inconvenience anyone, I figured I'd write to you directly about my anti-Obamacare/anti-Cap and Trade/anti-communism activities. It's an arrogant American, self-reliance kind of thing -- something your brain-washed supporters would know nothing about. But then again, they don't know much about anything, do they? And they sure as heck don't know a damn thing about this proposed, horrendous, government-sponsored healthcare bill. Hate to burst your bubble but I have some bad news for you...these lemmings are vastly outnumbered by smart, informed citizens like me, some of whom I hung out with at Ron Klein's office this morning. And if you don't believe me, consult the polls...or my Facebook photo album.

Avidly working for "change" in 2010 and 2012,

Daria DiGiovanni

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