Monday, May 4, 2009

An Open Letter to Senator John Cornyn

Dear Senator,

I am not a constituent, but as a pro - life Reagan conservative I admire your standing up for conservative principles in the U.S. Senate. As you know for many years we in PA have been stuck with a Senator masquerading as a Republican, who finally came out of the closet and switched parties recently.

As you also know, Congressman Pat Toomey has announced his candidacy for this Senate seat. I am writing because I have been advised that you have spoken out on this issue declaring that Congressman Toomey cannot win a statewide election. I have also been advised that you suggested that a moderate, someone like Tom Ridge should run for this seat and would receive party backing.

If such statements came from a country club Rockefeller Republican, I could understand it. However coming from you, I cannot. We in the conservative grass roots have had it quite frankly, with the party's abandonment of the Reagan Revolution and its turn to the Left. Please tell me that I am mistaken and that you and other conservatives in the Senate would support Mr. Toomey's candidacy.

We know that our country clubbing brothers are "embarrassed" by us pro-lifers, but we are simply not gong away. We will either work with you to win you elections or simply form a third party.

What I don't understand is why the Party leaders persist in this "moderation". It's done nothing but lose us elections - 1976, 1992, and 2008 to name a few. Why we have abandoned the Reagan blueprint for victory is beyond me. I supported President Reagan in 1976 and remember the false accusations made about him by the Party Regulars that year and throughout the 1970s.

The fact is, we simply cannot win by becoming Democrats Lite. Why vote for an imitation when you can get the real thing. The other fallacy is that conservatism is at odds with a big tent Republican Party. This again is untrue. As evidence, I point to the Reagan landslides of 1980 and 1984. The secret is to lead and take the conservative message to all voters regardless of their party affiliation, and not to water down our message to pander to special interest groups.

I wish you continued success and look forward to many conservative Republican victories in the 2010 congressional elections.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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