Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's the Principles, Stupid!

Mark Tapscott penned an excellent piece in the Washington Examiner that should be required reading for all of the Republican blue-bloods who fancy themselves the standard-bearers of the party (yeah, I think they are also imbibing some pretty potent Kool-Aid). As I mentioned in my post the other day, the GOP is losing precisely because it strayed away from the unabashed conservatism espoused by the Great Communicator, and into a "kinder, gentler" (e.g. lamer) shell of its former self.

It defies logic, given Reagan's amazing track record, that these idiots are so thick-headed on this issue. As Ann Coulter stated again last night on The Factor, "How many times do we have to run this failed experiment?" (I particularly liked her reply when Bill asked if she liked Sarah Palin. In her inimitable style, Ann enthused, "Of course I like her, I voted for her!").

In his editorial, Tapscott chides Jeb Bush for playing into the hands of a voracious left-wing media and reminds him of the real culprits and architects of the Republican Party's current foray into the political wilderness:

"Excuse me Jeb Bush, but your daddy and brother already helped push the Republican Party beyond the "good old days" of its Reagan legacy, and we all see how well that's been working for the GOP since 2006, don't we.

Click over to read the entire analysis. Then pray that the GOP gets a clue, and quick!

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