Monday, May 4, 2009

The GOP's Good Ol' Boys

Thanks to Conservatives4Palin, I've finally lost whatever remaining shreds of respect I once had for Mitt Romney, who's apparently just another establishment type feeling threatened by the highly accomplished, anti-establishment Governor of Alaska. It's bad enough that this woman is under constant assault from the media and leftie political opponents who continually file bogus ethics complaints against her, she also has to contend with backstabbers in her own party hell-bent on destroying her chances in 2012.

I know you boys are at your wits' end with us pesky social cons, but we of the "three-legged stool" variety aren't going away. Our country and our freedoms mean way too much to us not to fight for them with every ounce of strength we have. I'm sure that probably sounds "cute," "quaint" and possibly even "jingoistic" to you empty suits; perhaps you should all get out of the Beltway and into the real America more often. But doggone it, after the failed squishy moderate presidential campaigns of 1992, 1996 and 2008, one would think you guys would finally learn your lesson! Oh, and let's not forget Jeb, that the real reason your brother barely won the election in 2000 (by 535 Florida votes, if memory serves correctly) was because millions of Evangelicals sat it out, believing him to be the same model of ineffective moderation as your father.

And hey Jeb? Moving away from Reagan is exactly the wrong thing to do! Your dad's "kinder, gentler" BS initiated the GOP's downward spiral into the political abyss, paving the way for eight long years of Bill Clinton; similarly, your brother's "compassionate conservatism," i.e. liberalism with a different name, massively expanded the size and scope of government, thus laying the groundwork for the Obama Administration's sprint to socialism.

McCain? The beginning of the end for your presidential aspirations was the day you suspended your campaign to head to Washington and -- instead of "separating yourself from President Bush" -- voted in lockstep with him on the bailout. The only smart thing you did during your failed presidential run was to choose Sarah Palin as your vice-presidential nominee. Not sure why you can't get that through your thick skull, given the dramatic spike in volunteerism among campaign offices nationwide immediately following her announcement! She's the only thing that saved you from a landslide defeat, and the only reason this blogger bothered to do a damn thing to help you get elected. Too bad your squishy, weak-willed campaign staff kept a muzzle on her, whenever they weren't busy throwing her to the lamesteam media wolves, including "headmaster" Gibson and "green with envy" Couric.

Cantor? I used to respect you too, but after reading the quote suggesting that the only reason you stood firm against the bailout was because of Nancy Pelosi's rhetoric -- well, let's just say you've proven yourself just another lame career politician.

In brief gentlemen, none of you even remotely comes close to Sarah Palin's courage, tenacity, integrity, strength and unapologetic championing of conservative principles. And Mitt, it's nice to know there are some prominent Republicans who can back up an incredibly attractive outer package with real grit, character and smarts. If I were you, I'd try to learn a thing or two from Sarah. Because right about now, the only positive thing I can say on your behalf is that you still have a nice head of hair. Thanks for making me regret voting for you in the Florida Primary.

UPDATE: Cory T. Di Geronimo of the excellent Governor Palin 4 President, has more.

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