Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grilling burgers

Luca has decided that at the ripe old age of 10, there are some man things he needs to learn to do. One of them is learning how to grill burgers. Well, he was in luck, as our Weber grille, almost consigned to the scrap heap after 15 years of loyal service, was saved by Angela's find of replacement parts online, allowing me to reconstruct the innards (talk about dirty work!) yesterday. So with the grille back in service, Luca was on.

The first steps were in the kitchen with Angela, learning to mix the spices with the ground beef and then forming patties:

Having mixed up the ground beef and the spices, time to form patties

Gabe watches Luca at work

Gabe joins in the fun

Luca's first ever patties

Gabe goes for the more abstract impressionist take on the classic backyard burger

Then it was out back to show him how to work the gas grille, and get the patties onto the hot grille. I let Luca put two burgers on with just a little help from me; Gabe also got to put one on. A few minutes of grilling and some cheese slices later, and it was cheeseburgers in paradise!

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