Friday, May 29, 2009

Liberal Hypocrisy and Judge Sotomayor

The President's nomination of Judge Sotomayor is yet another example of liberal hypocrisy. The President who claimed to be a uniter has proven to be the most radical left winger in the history of the Oval Office, and he is in fact the most polarizing President in history. He has split the country as never before, save for perhaps the Civil War.

Of course the swooning dinosaur media, never reports any of this about their beloved messiah. They still continue to drone on about the so-called polarizing years of President Bush 43. This is the same President Bush who had the most African Americans in his cabinet of any Administration in history, and who appointed the first black secretary of state and the first black, female secretary of state. Not to mention all of the spending during the Bush years which severely rankled conservatives. Some polarizing figure. He continuously reached across the aisle and got his hand slapped.

Now we see more of the same with Judge Sotomayor. President Obama picked her solely because of her race and gender, as if this would inoculate her from any so-called attack by "racist" Republicans. There were plenty of other liberal judges the President could have nominated, Hillary Clinton anyone? The fact is that the President is trying to maximize his political capital to attempt to lock in the Hispanic vote. Sorry Hillary, your race killed you in the Presidential primary last year and it has now come back to haunt you again. Race and gender trump gender by itself in the minds of liberals. It's very interesting however, to see a liberal like Secretary Clinton punished by the very hypocrisy that she and other liberals have created. After the last two years she and President Clinton must be starting to feel like Republicans.

It was also courageous for Newt Gingrich to come out and call the Judge a racist for her now infamous remark comparing female Latina judges and white male judges. What is impressive about Gingrich's comments, is that it is a nice twist on Alinsky's Rules for Radicals so often employed by liberals and especially this Administration. Alinsky's theory is predicated on the fact that it is common knowledge that conservative ideas are superior to liberal ideas, and that the only way for liberals or socialists to prevail is by calling conservatives names, such as bigot, racist, or homophobe. Liberals know that they can't compete in the market place of ideas, so they make vicious, false accusations against their opponents.

What Gingrich bravely did was to apply the Alinsky technique in a positive manner. What he said about Judge Sotomayor was absolutely true, the comments she made were clearly racist and if made by a white male judge or white female judge would have resulted in an electronic lynching by the dinosaur media. Now I won't go so far as to accuse Judge Sotomayor of being a racist, but her comments were certainly racist. As a conservative, I know that people are not the same as their behavior and the Judge deserves a fair chance to face the Judiciary Committee and explain herself.

What is also interesting is how all we hear about is Judge Sotomayor's humble beginnings. We are told by such "paragons of virtue" as Chuck Schumer that Republicans better not attack the Judge because of her race and her humble beginnings. In other words, ignore your Constitutional duty or we will brand you racists. Curious isn't it that Justice Thomas, Judge Miguel Estrada, and former AG Alberto Gonzalez were all minorities of humble beginnings, yet these facts were never mentioned by liberals or their dinosaur media pals. To the contrary these men were personally and brutally attacked for the crimes of being Republican and Conservative, and the main stream media happily joined the assault. Also,let's not forget Judge Janice Rogers - Brown. Why were her race and gender irrelevant? Liberal hypocrisy.

We will always remember Ted Kennedy's disgraceful speech on the senate floor in which he slandered Judge Bork. How about Vice President Biden's goon role in both the Bork and Thomas confirmation hearings. Nobody accused Ole Joe of being a racist for attacking Justice Thomas, no way. Ole Joe was simply doing his duty by performing the advice and consent role of the Senate, it didn't matter that his criticisms were completely without merit. Yet Newt Gingrich makes one statement which just so happens to be true, and he is branded as a racist, white male. The very type of "vermin" that the media hopes that the good Judge Sotomayor and her liberal pals on the Court will soon eradicate, or at least put in their place.

Remember the many judicial nominees of the Bush Administration that were blocked in committee.The Democrats would not even allow an up or down vote. Yet not a peep from the dinosaur media. Compare that to the nomination of Judge Sotomayor. Republicans are told that not even an or up or down vote is necessary. No sir, a simple voice vote by acclamation is all that is necessary for this liberal judge nominated by the dinosaur's messiah.Talk about hypocrisy.

The bottom line is that Republicans cannot let this nomination pass without a fair fight. Those who say we must pick and choose our battles, and that we have to focus solely on the fight against socialized medicine are misguided. While Judge Sotomayor is likely to be confirmed, the confirmation hearings will be a golden opportunity for Republicans to put the plague of "judicial activism" on trial. Our Republican leaders should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, and contemporaneously fight this nomination as well as the attack on our health care system.

However, the challenge to this nomination must be done prudently. No personal attacks like the Democrats do. Stick to the issues, such as the Judge's erroneous ruling in the Rhode Island fire fighters case, her misguided sense that the Constitution provides for a right of privacy, and her disdain for the Second Amendment. Republicans must ask the hard questions and the judge must answer them to the satisfaction of the American people.

Most importantly every Republican member of Congress who questions her should preface their comments with the fact that they will not engage in personal character assassination as did Vice President Biden, and Senators Kennedy, Durbin, Schumer, and Leahy. They should all quote these character assassins and remind the public of their victims by name. They need to remind the country of the vast differences between Republicans and Democrats.

This is a golden opportunity for Republicans to remind America, that the party that claims to represent the little people is perfectly content to let the judiciary run rampant over the other two branches of government, and to overturn the will of the people at the ballot box. Pretty hypocritical wouldn't you say? Sure you people can votes on issues, but liberal, activist judges will make sure your vote is meaningless. Would please explain for the people Judge Sotomayor how Courts of Appeals can make policy when they are not elected, legislative bodies and answer to no one?

Republicans must prove to America during this confirmation process that the Democrats' belief that people are all monolithic, zombie members of groups and/or victims is just plain wrong and anti-American. The current lie being circulated is that Hispanics will all be offended if Judge Sotomayor is questioned in any way. Some will certainly support her and others will not. However, the vast majority are smart enough to understand that there is a constitutional process to this procedure that must be honored. Are you listening Senator Cornyn? Stop reading your internal polls in Texas and start reading the Constitution. If you want to get re-elected in 2010, stop reading polls and start doing the right thing.

The fact that Judge Sotomayor will likely be confirmed is irrelevant. Republicans must honor their constitutional obligation of advice and consent. Be respectful and focus solely on the Judge's record. It's time to put liberal hypocrisy on trial big time. The fate of the American medical system and the country in general hangs in the balance.

UPDATE: A reader at The Corner sends this excellent addendum to Judge Sotomayor's comments noted above by Mark, which serves to make the point that not all Latinos embrace her racialist views. Buck up, Republican Senators, and be a voice for the Constitution!

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