Sunday, April 12, 2009

Working on some ideas for Tax Day Tea Party signs

This one might be a bit esoteric, playing as it does on Friedrich Hayek's ancestry, masterwork, and The Mistaken Won's screw-up about how you say "wheeling and dealing" in Austrian, but here goes:

Austrian for Obamanomics?

The Road to Serfdom

If you have any ideas, pleas post them in the comments.

PS: I was thinking of getting some X-ray film, trimming the corners so that it would be rounded, and holding it up on a pole to simulate a teleprompter. Or maybe doing two of those and suspending the banner between them.

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Daria said...

I love the serfdom idea! You could also put your term, "The Mistaken Won," onto a sign. Another one I saw and really liked had images of the Founding Fathers, bearing the words, "My American Idols." Simple but profound.

How about, "I'm 4 and I owe China 80,000 thanks to Congress?" That was from the Chester County Tea Party Mark went to.