Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chester County Tea Party

Yesterday while I was BBQ'ing in South Florida, Mom, Dad, Ralph, Mark, wife Lisa and their four children Mark, Alexa, Julianna and Sophia, attended a Tea Party protest in West Chester, PA.

Mom sent me the following email after the event:

What a wonderful experience to be with like-minded people. We had about 300 or more in attendance, and we started with The Pledge of Allegiance, The Star Spangled Banner and the Our Father. We waved flags, carried posters and chanted praises of our beloved America. One of the speakers was a 12 year-old boy who wrote and delivered his own speech! He was tremendous!

We even had a man from Russia who spoke to us about the evils of Communism. Our next Tea Party is April 15 and I can't wait!

In related news, it seems a certain South Florida talk show host has decided that the Tea Parties aren't so masochistic after all! Well, as Doc Paul noted recently, we welcome you back Joycey!

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