Saturday, April 11, 2009

Obama Should Apologize

Admitting that one is wrong and asking for forgiveness is always a good thing,particularly during this Holy Season of Easter and Passover. I raise this point because there was much hullabaloo regarding presidential apologies during the President's recent rock star tour of Europe. The only problem was the President apologized to the wrong people. As is always the case with Obama it seems, it was another example of right church wrong pew.

Quite frankly the President's apologizing to the world for the success of America was an absolute disgrace, and doing it on foreign soil no less! For what reason do we owe the Europeans an apology? Perhaps for saving them from themselves many times over the last several decades. I guess the President forgets about the D-day invasion on June 6, 1944 when thousands of American GIs lost their lives liberating Europe from Hitler's National Socialism. That invasion led to the USA and its allies freeing the European continent. And what did America ask for as conquering hero? Just enough land to bury our war dead. It was the first time in history that a victor did not take the land of the vanquished in war.

The European response to this noble act of America was at times quite surprising indeed. General DeGaulle demanded of the American Secretary of State right after the war that American soldiers immediately leave France. To which the noble Secretary most appropriately replied " does that include the ones in your cemeteries"?

The fact is Obama's teleprompter should order him right now to apologize to America and Americans. It should also teach him another history lesson. The Cold War broke out right after WWII and Europe was again threatened, this time by the former Soviet Union. Enter the US once again, this time with the Marshall Plan that poured millions and millions of American dollars into rebuilding the economies of Western Europe. Let's also not forget the military defense shield we have provided Europe for the last 60 years, while they lift not a finger to defend themselves and at the same time incessantly whine about America's fighting the war on terror. This long term defense of Europe has been carried squarely on the backs of the American taxpayer.

Yes, Mr. President you should apologize and ask for forgiveness. You owe an apology to all of us and to our country. But sadly I know you won't. As the late Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick said in her convention speech in 1984 about you and your friends on the Left, "they always blame America first." Shame on you Sir, you should know better.

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