Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Liberal Transformational Vocablulary

Liberals call things by different names to change the meaning of what it is they're actually up to. I like to call these deliberate misnomers "transformational vocabulary". If you call something by other than its real name, it helps you rationalize that what you're doing is not all that bad, and in fact by changing its name you can even make it "good". For as we all know,liberals are all about feeling good. Here are some of my favorite examples of liberal transformational vocabulary:

Murder - Abortion
Terrorism - Man Made Disaster
Taxation - Investment
Close Minded - Liberal
Deviant Behavior - Alternative Lifestyle
Profiling - Racism
Legitimate Political Dissent - Racism
Republican - Racist
Individualism - Selfishness
Illegal Aliens - Geographically challenged people
Patriotism - Nativism
Communism - Fairness
Socialized Medicine - Affordable Healthcare
Terrorist - Freedom Fighter
Islamo - Fascist - Victim of American oppression
Engagement - Appeasement
Nazi Youth - AmeriCorp
Castro - Peaceloving
Chavez - Peaceloving
Gearge W. Bush - Warmonger
Expansion of government - stimulus
Is - it depends on what its meaning is
Christian - Sexist, racist, homophobe
Criminal - Community activist

As you can see, these folks don't look at the world through rose colored glasses. To the contrary, they're quite simply blind. They have spent fifty years distorting reality and in the process doing their best to ruin the country. They absolutely hate America and the American Dream. They are statists who want to totally run our lives. But don't despair, they can and will be defeated. When engaging a liberal, say what you and mean what you say. Your honesty and frankness will leave them stumbling and muttering. Deluge them with the facts, those stubborn little things they conveniently ignore, or better yet try to redefine as noted above. Trust me, they won't have any answers, they'll just call you vile names. In liberal transformational vocabulary, they're just engaging in honest political debate.

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