Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NOW and the Fraud of Feminism

Feminism has finally been exposed after fifty years of pulling the wool over our eyes. While it has always been billed as a movement to advance the equal rights of women ,it is nothing of the sort. What is it then? It is a front organization for Socialism, a deceptive way to put a pretty face on an ugly philosophy that has been responsible for the death and poverty of millions wherever it has been practiced.

Why do I say feminism is a fraud? Take a look at the recent video of the vile, no -talent rapper M&M. This guy who can't act and can't sing just made a horrible video attacking Governor Palin and her family. Kudos to "The O'Reilly Factor", which ran a story about this video tonight. Not only is this video an attack on the Governor, it is an affront to all women. Where it NOW? Nowhere to be found! They won't utter a word about M&M, because Governor Palin is conservative and a threat to them. Her gender obviously means nothing. These socialists want absolute power and all conservatives must be crushed, male and female.

Indeed Governor Palin was savaged by the dinosaur media throughout the entire Presidential campaign, yet received zero support from her sisters at NOW. Not only did they not support her, they led the attack against her. Interestingly, NOW even abandoned Secretary of State Clinton during her Presidential campaign. While the Secretary was certainly a very liberal woman who supported the NOW philosophy, even she couldn't compete with a black, radical leftist candidate even if he was a man. Quite frankly, to NOW's way of thinking, race and socialism trump gender and even liberalism.

As for the aforementioned video about Governor Palin, can you imagine what would have happened if the conservative rapper Hi Calibur made a video about Michele Obama. NOW would send representatives on every dinosaur and liberal cable media outlet demanding that the video be pulled and that the corporate sponsor be boycotted. The NY Times would run a front page story accusing Hi Calibur of sexism, and probably racism since he's a white male playing a black music genre. Sympathetic stories making Michele out to be the next Virgin Mary would be everywhere.

Still not convinced. How about NOW's antagonistic position toward the Bush Administration. When Afghanistan was liberated from the Taliban in 2002, millions of Afghan women who had been beaten and treated like slaves were finally able to experience freedom. Yet not one word about their Muslim sisters from the socialists at NOW. Why give any credit to an Administration that did more for women throughout the world than any other, when it was opposed to Roe v. Wade? I guess "reproductive rights" in America trump the rights of millions of women in the world to get an education, vote, and to go out in public without fear.

Similarly, the women of NOW roared their disapproval at the Iraq war claiming it was illegal and in violation of international law. Never mind that the US liberated a country from a brutal dictator, who among other horrors ran rape rooms where innocent woman were beaten and sexually abused. Again not one word about their Iraqi sisters from NOW. The hypocrisy makes you cringe. It was more important to NOW to demonize George W. Bush than it was to stand up for the rights of their fellow women in the Middle East.

Let's not forget the Clinton - Lewinsky scandal either. A classic case of a powerful man taking advantage of a woman, the exact type of situation that we were told feminism would not tolerate. Surely NOW would storm to Ms Lewinsky's defense. Not so fast - Bill Clinton was a liberal President and NOW was duty bound to defend and support him. The rights of women be damned. I even recall an interview with the then President of NOW Eleanor Smeal, about the Lewinsky situation. Ms. Smeal was obviously very uncomfortable answering questions on the topic. The best she could muster was something about Lewinsky being an adult and that the affair was consensual. Needless to say, the reaction of NOW would have been quite different had President Clinton been a Republican.

The bottom line is that feminism has nothing to do with women's rights, other than perhaps abortion. Ironically most of the victims of abortion are women too, but that's another subject for another day. Suffice it to say, women will only be given equal rights in a society where the rights of the individual are respected as opposed to rights granted based on membership in a group. Ladies, I ask you do you want to be treated as true equal partners with men? Welcome to Conservatism . There's enough room for all of us and no glass ceiling.

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