Friday, April 24, 2009

I answered the Nordlinger challenge

Here is the heart-breaking post (in follow up to this one) that includes a challenge by Jay Nordlinger to come up with an epithet for this brand of hypocrite that parallels the "chickenhawk" sobriquet applied to supporters of war who are not themselves veterans or current servicemen.

Jay lists some feedback, including two from me:


He didn't list "Sid-welchers", which is a bit too topical perhaps, as it draws on Sidwell Friends School, the institution where many of the muckety mucks in Congress send their kids rather than to the DC public schools. I like "NEA-baggers", as it plays on the use of a disgusting term to denigrate tea partiers and, in an act of Ju-jitsu, turns their vulgarity back on them.

Change? I guess it's a change - back to the same old ways of the past. But certainly not a positive change for these kids:

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